Orthopedic Manufacturers

A State-of-the-Art Team

Building successful relationships is at the core of what we do everyday.

TRO Medical is a leading orthopedic medical device agency representing state-of-the-art products for extremity surgeons across the U.S.    

Our team of experienced sales and manufacturers’ representatives discover and promote the latest and most innovative technologies available in the orthopedic industry.

Much of our success stems from our ability to attract, develop and retain high-performing sales and marketing teams. At TRO Medical, we understand the importance of building relationships in a business where relationships are critical to success.

Improving care with the latest and most innovative technologies.

We partner with orthopedic surgeons as trusted advisors and introduce them to the latest and best technologies in the ever-changing world of orthopedic medical devices. Our singular focus is to enable healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality care and to improve the lives of their patients.

TRO Medical represents the following industry-leading orthopedic device manufacturers:

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