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Global Expertise

Break into the highly competitive U.S. medical device market.

TRO Medical has the expertise to assist international companies looking to break into the highly competitive U.S. medical device market.

For many foreign orthopedic device manufacturers, introducing a new product in the U.S. can be both challenging and risky. TRO Medical can help mitigate that risk by offering business solutions and strategic consulting to leading device companies around the world, as well as to start-up ventures.

The experienced professionals at TRO Medical have an in-depth understanding of the U.S. orthopedics market and can assist medical device manufacturers around the globe to successfully market their products here in the U.S.

Find your niche, find success.

We’ll help you identify the best market niches and develop a comprehensive strategy to introduce your product line into the U.S. orthopedic marketplace. Over the decades in this business, we have developed trusted relationships with influential medical professionals and orthopedic thought leaders nationwide.

At TRO Medical, we can facilitate introductions to thought leaders and pioneers in orthopedic medicine who can help drive your successful launch into the U.S. marketplace.

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